• Directionless? Powerless? Stuck?
  • Fearful? Anxious? Under attack?
  • Isolated? Separated? Alone?
  • Having reoccurring dreams that are bothersome and disturbing?
  • Hearing negative self-talk inside your head?


With the help of a qualified and competent pastor you can:

Learn how to meditate and pray. Become someone who is at peace and present in the moment; someone who listens and communicates well with others; someone who lives a compassionate life. If you are a student - leave all your essay writing to professionals at and relax.

Learn how to be healthy and whole, growing and evolving into your potential as a human being. Become the person you are meant to be.

Learn how to live a joyful, meaningful and fruitful life in relationship with others. Become an integral member of a larger family that has a long tradition of faith, hope and love and an assured future of unity, justice and reward.

Learn how to make a difference in a peacemaking community of faith, hope and love. Become a part of something larger than yourself that will contribute something good, lasting and meaningful for future generations.

“Meditation Student Portal by Rev. Liam McCann, M.Div.” can help you find a qualified and competent pastor.

I’m an experienced and ordained:

  • Reverend, pastor, and minister
  • Preacher and public speaker
  • Chaplain and counselor
  • Director and teacher of both group and individual meditation and prayer
  • Creator of new and original worship services and liturgies
  • Officiant and planner of weddings, funerals and other church services
  • Consultant and advisor for interfaith and cross-cultural religious dialogue and relations

Besides being a place of connection for pastoral services, “Meditation Student Portal by Rev. Liam McCann, M.Div.” also contains some of my sermons, papers, journal entries and notes. Please see FAQs for further information.

For a free consultation, please fill out the following form with a short description of your pastoral service requests and I will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for visiting this website in progress!

Pastor Liam